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Technology Business

diagram showing flow of money and products

Business Cycle

Here is a greatly simplified view of the way business operates. Customers purchase products. After deducting cost of sales the money flows into the business. Some of it is used to fund the technology which results in more products to sell. Some of it is required for company operating overheads. The balance is available to the shareholders as profit. In a successful business the cycle is self-sustaining.

"It is easy to make technology from money, but not so easy to make money from technology", Rob Morland.

We work at the interface between technology and the rest of the business (shaded dark blue). Our service is personalised and tailored to help business and technology people understand one another better. Contact us to find out more.

Professional Services


We will use our investigative, analytical and communications skills to carry out analysis of technology and/or markets.

Intellectual Property Rights

Assessment of IPR position building on search results and opinions from patent agents when required.

System Design

We can undertake a variety of system design work.


We can undertake a variety of management type roles, generally within the client organisation.


In addition to our core professional services we are specialists in:

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