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We are based in St Ives Cambridgeshire.

T: +44 70 5066 0257
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Common blue Damselfly
Common blue Damselfly



David Bartlett

David is a Chartered Electronics Engineer with many years experience in the Electronics, Communications and IT industries. Although a polymath his specialist fields are Digital Signal Processing and Software Engineering. He combines these with a keen knowledge and love of the natural world and the environment as well as writing, photography and music. He has been involved in several start-up ventures and blends his technical skills with a sound business awareness and excellent leadership and communications skills. He has published several papers and is the inventor of a number of patents.

Linda Bartlett

Linda is an IT Teacher at a local comprehensive school although she also teaches Maths, History and English when required. She combines this with many years experience in commerce where she worked in the recruitment and banking industries. She brings key people skills to the business and also shares a love of the natural world and the environment.


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