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Papers and Articles

Digital Cameras - How many megapixels is optimum?
This paper takes a look at digital camera sensor size and analyses imaging requirements as a trade-off between sensor size and lens performance and arrives at some thoughts on maximum logical sensor size. (PDF, 550kB)
SI Overview
A short but fairly detailed paper providing an overview of the key aspects of the metric system of units, the SI.
Helios Photography
We have a small photographic display as a local photographer on the Helios Photography web site.
St Ives
This is a local interest web site for St Ives, Huntingdonshire, including many photographs.

King's College facade
King's College facade


Open Source software is growing in stature and popularity. It and the Open Source community are coming of age. Apart from the obvious advantage that it is free (or available at nominal cost) it is usually standards compliant and frees one from being locked into proprietary file formats. Do you use or have you ever considered using Open Source software? Here are a couple of applications that can be highly recommended:

Firefox - the alternative internet browser.
If you are not yet using Firefox, maybe you should be. Almost everyone who tries it agrees that it is head-and-shoulders better than Internet Explorer. Amongst its many features it includes: Pop-up blocking; sophisticated cookie management; tabbed browsing; standards compliant; secure; numerous extensions for just about anything you want; and of course it is available in your own language! You might also want to try the alternative commercial Opera web browser. - the alternative office suite.
Are you using the popular proprietary windows office suite? Have you ever considered that you are tying up all your valuable information in proprietary file formats and locking yourself into a single vendor? is a fully featured office application suite that uses open standards for file formats and is open source. It can read and write Microsoft formats (though not flawlessly), save directly as a PDF and is available for a wide range of platforms and localised for dozens of different languages. From version 2.0 it will also be available in British English. If you can't bear to download (it is huge), please drop us a line and we can supply it to you on CD at nominal cost.
Spelling checker compliant with the Oxford English Dictionary house style.
Many international organisations use the OED house style for written English. Microsoft does not supply a spelling checker dictionary that complies with this house style. Users of MS Word can purchase a third party OED dictionary for Word. A beta version of an English dictionary for the OED house style is now available for and Mozilla (including Thunderbird). If you'd like to use this dictionary drop us a line. As soon as it is out of beta it will be made available for general download.
Thunderbird - reclaim your inbox
If you are still using Outlook Express you really have not lived. There are lots of far better email clients, many of which are free. Thunderbird is one. Opera also has an email client built into the web browser, and there are dozens of others.

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