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Pyxidium: A seed capsule with a top that comes off like the lid of a box


In a Nutshell

The seeds in the capsule are like ideas and opportunities that grow into new businesses.

Working at the interface between technology and business we will unravel the jargon for both sides to improve your efficiency and competitiveness.

"It's not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.", Deming.

Incense Cedar
Incense Cedar

Our Proposition

We work as interim or project managers, troubleshooters or analysts at the interfaces between Technology and Business, freeing your valuable experts to focus on what they do best. We pride ourselve on our factual, analytical, scientific and unbiased approach.


Markets, technologies, competitors, SWOT, strategy and tactics.

Intellectual Property Rights

Patents, copyright, design rights, due diligence, valuation and evaluation.

System Design

Holistic, business-technology-market interaction, modelling, simulation.


Interim and project management, negotiating, coaching, technical diplomacy.

We also have specific products in Digital Imaging and Software localisation.

Industry Sectors

We cover a fairly wide range of industries:

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